December 17, 2018

Membership Expectations

Membership is limited to a single reputable and ethical business from a particular category or classification.

Each member may only represent one particular category or classification for purposes of the Corporation, even though the member may actually engage in multiple categories or classifications.

No new members will be allowed if the prospective member competes with an already existing member.

An open category does not guarantee automatic acceptance.

A $100 deposit is required and due from all applicants at the first meeting following the submission of their online application. If the application for membership is not approved by the Board, the deposit will be promptly returned. If the new member resigns from the group before the period of one year, they will forfeit the deposit. Option to be refunded on a case by case basis during the first year at the discretion of the Board. If the new member stays beyond the period of one year, the amount of the deposit will be applied towards their dues.

To remain a member in good standing each member must attend at least 75% of all general meetings per quarter, pay membership dues in a timely fashion and practice sound business ethics. If the member wishes, they can send a representative from their company the other 25% of the time, but that representative’s attendance does not go towards fulfilling the member’s 75% attendance requirement. The first 90 days of membership is considered a probationary period and meeting the attendance requirement during that period is required for continuance in the group.

We support other businesses by word of mouth. It takes time and effort to make things work in this group. It does not happen overnight. The best way for this group to work for you is to do it every week and to be consistent. As a member, you are expected to attend at least 3 out of every 4 meetings. Also it is good to remember that you have to be willing to give into the group before you may receive referrals. Some people are able to get referrals right away and others might not see anything for 4 to 6 months, please be patient.

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