December 17, 2018

What To Know Before You Visit

  • Please check the list of Current Openings to see if your category is available.
  • If your category is not listed, please use the Contact form to inquire about availability.
  • Please RSVP prior to attending a meeting.
  • Bring 30+ business cards to share with the group.
  • Be prepared to talk about your business for approximately 60 seconds. (See #2 below)
  • If you plan to purchase lunch, please arrive a few minutes early as sometimes there is a line.

Here’s the format you can expect at each of our weekly meetings:

  1. Welcome
  2. Self-introductions (Members and guests give their name, business name, and tag line)
  3. Guest minute (Each guest is given 60 seconds to give more information about their business)
  4. Member Referrals
  5. Member Announcements
  6. Featured Speaker or Networking Time
  7. Close

Definition of a Referral:
In SBBI there are three different types of activities that count as a referral.

  1. Mention – a mention of someone’s name and business name in the course of a conversation counts as one referral. We believe that even a mention could create an opportunity down the road.
  2. Shout Out/Testimonial – This can occur over social media, like Facebook or Twitter, in the form of sharing a link that a member business has posted or sharing a recent testimonial of your experience with a member business. A Shout Out/Testimonial can also occur in public settings like Salem Chamber Greeters during the testimonial time. Each incidence counts as one referral.
  3. Strong Referral – handing a member’s business card or giving out their contact information to someone who is a good candidate for their product or service. Counts as one referral.


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