December 17, 2018


Dues (payable at the beginning of the month or quarter)

Monthly Payment Options Quarterly Payment Options
$15 per month (lunch is extra)$55 per month (up to $10 lunch is included) $45 per quarter (lunch is extra)$165 per quarter (up to $10 lunch is included)

As stated in the Membership Expectations, a $100 deposit is required from new members once their application has been submitted. It is expected that the deposit will be given to the Treasurer at the next meeting following the submission of the online application. If their application is not approved, the deposit will be returned. If the new member resigns from the group before the period of one year, they will forfeit the deposit. Option to be refunded on a case by case basis during the first year at the discretion of the Board. If the new member stays beyond the period of one year, the amount of the deposit will be applied towards their dues.

Current Openings

Membership Expectations

How to Join

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