January 21, 2019

SBBI Awards $1,000 Scholarship

Salem, Oregon, Salem Business Builders Inc., is pleased to offer to Sydney Gilbert our annual Scholarship of $1,000 toward her college or university of choice for 2013 Academic Year. Sydney’s outstanding portfolio brought her head and shoulders above other candidates who have applied. Sydney’s academic rigor maintaining a 3.94 GPA and her involvement in school and community activities all showcase her motivation. Sydney has aspirations toward psychological marketing, and has excelled in sales through her involvement with DECA at South Salem High School. She will be attending the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon beginning in September.

Salem Business Builders is a premier networking group that meets weekly at noon at Annette’s in West Salem for the purpose of promoting small business. We believe the best form of referrals is word of mouth. If you are interested in becoming a part of SBBI, you can long on to our Website or call at the number above.

SBBI has consistently promoted young people through their partnership with School to work programs the Salem Chamber of Commerce offers. We believe by mentoring young people we are supporting the community to have the best customer service and business providers in the future. Sydney is truly an example of the type of future business woman we want to promote.

“SBBI, has been like a family to me” is frequently heard by members. Helping me move, and supporting me through my battle with cancer”.

Salem Business Builders Inc. has been promoting small businesses for over 15 years. Further we continue to seek motivated, high integrity, business professionals.

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