December 17, 2018

Nutrition wellness : Shaklee Products Forever Sunrise

Patti Woods

Business Name: Shaklee Products Forever Sunrise

Tag Line: Creating healthier lives one person at a time

SBBI Business Category: Nutrition wellness

About Our Business:
Shaklee products bring you over 50 years of science and research to provide you and your family the very best in products. We have three major product lines:
Nutrition — meeting the needs of you and your family members
Personal Care – Skin care that really is anti aging and personal care products for all your personal needs
Household Cleaners — Safe, Effective, and Economical


Phone Number: 503 362-4599

Fax Number:

Email address:

Ideal Customer:   Shaklee products are for people who are Smart, Passionate and Committed
Smart enough to know there is a difference between science and “hype”
Passionate about using products that are safe, non toxic, and proven to work
And Committed to their health and their families health

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